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Our strength is to create custom design and manufacturing of low volume, complex systems.  As a result of having a dedicated engineering team of vacuum specialists, we have created an innovative approach and process knowhow.  An important competence to create these complex systems is to have a dedicated automation department.

Our goals is simple: produce systems to fulfil customer-specific needs with value for money.

Techniques used:

  • Siemens PLC programming
  • PC+ I/O board with Labview and SQL database



  • Specific know-how:
    • Automated Pumpdown (pre-vacuum/bypass vacuum, switching between pumps in certain pressures)
    • Automated Heating/Cooling (sampleholders) up to extreme temperatures in vacuum
    • Automation of RGA Analyses


    • Automatic reporting in .pdf with SQL database


    • Automated sputtering/evaporation systems
    • Log-in with different user levels.
    • Trending of pressures and data