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Our strength is to create custom systems to processing and handling needs. Due to our innovative approach, own engineering, own production and process knowhow,  special systems enable products/measurements in a wide field of applications.

Our goals is simple, deliver a robust production/R&D platform customized to customer needs with the best cost of ownership.

Core competences for special equipment

  • Engineering (3D modelling, Fem analyses, Labview automation
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Testing

Our references:

specials1UHV Cryogenic Tribometer

Main specifications:

Base pressure 10e-8mbar

Temperature: -150 + 150degrC

Ramp:  +/- 1degrC/minute

Rotation: 1,5mm/s -> 150mm/s

Fn up to 1.5N

More info:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z-svPS-I_c




Space Simulation Chamber -150degrC + 650degrC

Main Specifications:

Dimensions Chamber: Ø1800x2700

Temperature of hot chamber(right side): + 650° C

Temperature of cold chamber (left side): -150° C

Pumping system: 3500l/sec turbomolecular pump + 65m3/h prepump + 500m3/h rootspump

Basepressure: 1x10E-7 mbar

548004008@12022010-17A6" >548004008@12022010-17AD" >




Arc Voltage Test (Light Emission)

Spectrum UV-VIS measurement

Easy handling

High Voltage and complex electronic design







specials6Stage Qualification Chamber

Specific system interface for stage

Interfacing for particle measurement and outgas measurement

Big chamber manufacturing