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Heat treatment

heat1Our strength is to a create custom design to processing and substrate needs.  As a result of having an innovative approach, own production and process knowhow, our heat treatment systems enable manufacturing in the field of sintering, brazing, annealing, degassing of parts in the high tech industry

Our goals is simple, deliver a robust production/R&D platform, customized to your needs with the best cost of ownership.

Heating Techniques used:

  • Ultra clean heating (turbo molecular pumping) with electro polished heating chamber and direct wiring. Max temperature 200degrC
  • Tantalum/wolfram or molybdenum heating elements with temperature up to 1600degrC

Our systems:

  • Flexible dimensions scalable to needs
  • Possibility for heating techniques in combination with e.g. plasma cleaning
  • Manual/Full automation with easy(own developed) user interface HMI
  • Turbo molecular pump systems

Our references:

R&D Heat (brazing) small volume 10liter, toploader, max temperature 1400degrC


Production heat (Sintering) medium volume 50liter, front loader, max temperature 1600degrC

For other references, please contact us.